Kid Quill

Kid Quill

Mitchell Quilleon Brown, known by his stage name Kid Quill, is an American rapper from Shelbyville, Indiana.

While in high school, Brown would rap battle friends in his basement. One of his friends decided to record Brown rapping and uploaded it to YouTube where it received a decent number of views. Noticing that there was potential, he decided to pursue rapping.

He made his first notable appearance with his 2016 album, “The Name Above The Title” charting on the Top 10 iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts and Billboard Heatseekers. In September 2017, Brown released his second studio album, “94.3 The Reel”, that returned to the Top 10 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart.

In 2018, he spent the year as support on nationals tours with Devvon Terrell, SoMo, Skizzy Mars and Bryce Vine.

On September 25th, September 26th and September 27th 2020, Brown opened for Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler at their drive-in shows at Charlotte Motor Speedway and The Westland Mall.


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