JAL The Band

JAL The Band

The name ‘JAL’, an Urdu word of Persian origin meaning water, is the product of the band’s vision to recognize music as the artistic extension of natural unity.

Water is truly one of the most sacred parts of our existence and the band’s music celebrates that concept by orchestrating a symphony of lyrics and music that is as limitless and timeless as itself. The result was JAL-the band. The oft-quoted statement that ‘Music is the universal language of mankind’ hold particularly true when it comes to JAL’s music. Their music like itself knows no exceptions and boundaries. It aims to cater to people from all spheres of life and all ages.

JAL’s sound primarily falls in the pop/soft rock genre. Playing along the lines of Latin-acoustic guitars; the main emphasis of their music is on the melodies and the lyrical content. Keeping their songs melodious and catchy at the same time the band believes that music is truly the world’s universal language capable of bringing our hearts and souls together.

A well composed song, personified with honest and heart felt lyrics and spirited rhythms, will eventually be heard by manifestations of emotions expressed in an energetic and harmonious manner. Fueled by the desire to freshen up the pop/rock genre in Pakistan these qualities give JAL’s music a very high degree of accessibility both in terms of composition and lyrics.

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